Thinking and blogging outside the box


The Site

This is the portfolio site of Björn Lisinski, letting you take part in selected works and read some of his thoughts. It’s a WordPress site and the template is two templates mashed together with code and design altered by Björn himself.

The Artist

Björn was born 1975 in Linköping, Sweden, where he lives with his wife and daughter. Björn is a graphic designer, illustrator and art director, that has until recently worked as an inhouse art director at a local IT company. He has worked professionaly in the business since 2000 and has been employed as a programmer, web-designer, illustrator, graphic designer and art director.

Björn prefers working with Mac, and using the Adobe Creative Suite in his day to day work.

Björn is now opening up an own business – so here is your chance to hire him.