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Posted by Björn Lisinski at 12:34 pm


I think it´s a brilliant strategy to have a lockedup invite only community, where everyone can look but not touch!

I’ve been a silent and passive prospect at Dribbble for over a year now. But now it’s time to join the game.

Anyone got an invite for me? =)




Posted by admin at 10:43 pm

Original author of matrix unknow


This matrix pretty much unveils the truth, regarding the relations in the business  =)  I have often found myself being surrounded by developers in different shapes and sizes, rather than my own kind.

Do you agree with this picture?

Posted by Björn Lisinski at 11:19 pm

Sketches of characters for a game that me and some friends are working on. Very slowly though. My favourites is the action ones. especially the one whooping some butt!
May be i should go for a colored, inked version of that scene.

Posted by Björn Lisinski at 1:09 am

I know this movie is old, but it is good. It’s funny coz it is true!

Forget all about KISS (keep it simple, stupid) and less is more. That is not the Microsoft way.

More is more – or is it?

Posted by admin at 3:14 pm

Gonna make me a poster for the Warriors Workout event im hosting at Frisk Gym.  Gonna use a picture that Emil Henestål took earlier this summer.   Just gonna cut it out then play around with the text.